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What is Gender Diversity Day?

Gender Diversity Day was created to draw attention to the role that the concept of gender plays in our lives.

This day is for everyone: for trans and cis people, for those who are comfortable within the binary gender system, and for those who don’t fit into it. Because we have so much more in common than we might think.

When is Gender Diversity Day?

12 June. Every year.

How to celebrate Gender Diversity Day?

There are no rules on how to celebrate Gender Diversity Day.
Just dedicate this day to the topic of gender and gender diversity.

For example:

  • Write a post with your thoughts related to the topic
  • Share interesting text, picture or video related to the topic
  • Share information about Gender Diversity Day
  • Use the hashtag #GenderDiversityDay


  • Hold an event dedicated to gender diversity
  • Take part in an event dedicated to gender diversity
  • Meet your allies and discuss cooperation, challenges and opportunities
  • Invite to dialogue people who face the same challenges as you

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